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Many of the most successful, recognized Canadian and global corporations have extensive headquarters in the Brampton and Mississauga areas, right alongside various & sundry smaller, local offices. Whether great or small, any professional office environment thrives only in proportion to the combined skills and teamwork of its staff. A variety of Greater Toronto Area employers and positions await well-trained, polished office administrators to keep corporate and professional operations humming and serving satisfied clientele.


When everything comes together, any given office’s operation seems so effortless. Oh, the effort that goes into it, though.

Much of the credit goes to broadly skilled administrators. Much the way the brain coordinates balance, muscle movement, and other assorted functions just for us to walk, an administrator sees to it that an office’s many parts work harmoniously in tandem to serve a company’s clients. It takes tremendous organization and the capacity to multi-task, but office administration also demands a deep understanding of human relations, management principles, and communication techniques. The best also are proficient in various common office tasks, such as filing, operation of common office machinery (fax, copier, scanner, phone systems, etc.)

If you’re well-trained and experienced in a professional environment, then S.E.A. Employment Services in Brampton values you as much for your in-demand skill set as you’ll appreciate us for our unique, team-based training. Contact us today for a 100% free-of-charge consultation to see how we can place you in a professional environment where you’re needed most.