S.E.A. Employment Services aims to make professional staffing and recruiting’s age-old assertion that “good help is hard to find” a distant memory. In fact, your pick of Brampton’s most adept, finely trained, dependable workers is even now just clicks away.


We set our professional placement and recruiting services apart through a rare approach to guiding our employees. Our pool of workers is trained through eye-opening, innovative exercises and programs formatted to emphasize a culture not only of teamwork, but of mutual respect, integrity, and productivity. What our workers carry forward into your workplace reflects upon us. Therefore, we expect these same qualities of them that we expect of our own family of counselors, trainers, and staff.

Our employee pool receives extensive training, counseling, and even transportation-support services. They’re placed with our clients into trial-basis positions proven to minimize hiring and training costs while demonstrably improving eventual long-term employment. Along the way, we’ll work with you flexibly to establish comfortable payment terms, even in an often-shaky economy.

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