Brampton’s standard-setting professional placement and recruiting team at S.E.A. Employment Services could always use one more dependable, talented employee to place within a respected Greater Toronto Area company. We’re pretty sure you’re just that person.


Our employees are much, much more than simple assets. We view them as human beings first and foremost, deserving of respect, dignity, courtesy, and opportunities to succeed.
The S.E.A. Employment Services experience will train you for workplace success in a distinctively personal manner. You’ll be guided through an innovative team-based process, exercises designed to instill values of cooperation and respect for results. We won’t simply turn you loose once you’ve “graduated” from our career education, though.

You’ll continue receiving support from a team of counselors, trainers, and staff that believe that what you bring into our client’s workplace reflects upon us. Our employees receive placement with Brampton companies whose company cultures align with our employees’ uniquely honed skill sets and the company’s staffing needs. Our trial-basis placements tend to lead frequently to eventual long-term employment. Along the way, you can count on our continued support, including transportation aid, if needed.

You have the skills. You have the drive. You’ve just needed the stage on which to display them. Contact S.E.A. Employment Services today. You’re much more than a worker to us.

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