Customer Service

Whatever the product or service, any company’s reputation is only as good as how it relates to its customers. Brampton and Mississauga’s most respected employers are constantly in need of courteous, astute communicators to maintain a good rapport with their customers any time assistance is needed.

The clients of Brampton’s S.E.A. Employment Services need knowledgeable, attentive people like you. It’s possible that you and your communication skills might just need an employer like one of our esteemed client employers.

We have positions to be filled in customer service sector in industries:

  • Call centers

    Work through sometimes-complicated issues over the phone in a concise, efficient, effective manner to help as many people as possible throughout a single day.

  • Retail/Wholesale

    Absorb and explain product information to customers in order to match them up ideally with just the items that provide what they need.

  • Telecom

    Communication devices and networks can be complicated and frustrating to many customers. Explain problems, often over the phone, to customers in the simplest fashion possible to reach the quickest, most satisfying possible solution.

  • Banking

    If you possess perpetual attention to detail, then you could be a valuable asset in helping banking customers track and manage their money, providing access to their deposits when they need them most and sometimes even resolving account errors.

  • IT

    The more complex information technology becomes, the harder it becomes for an average user of an otherwise user-friendly program to make sense of errors and fix them personally. IT professionals are prized technicians who understand the intricacies of information systems so users don’t have to.