About Our Company

Privately owned and operated in the Greater Toronto Area’s city of Brampton, S.E.A. Employment Services provides extensive professional staffing and recruiting services throughout the surrounding metropolitan area. We collaborate in a unique manner with both workers seeking placement and employers with staffing needs to pair considerable talents and skills with well-matched company cultures and job requirements.

OUR Vision

We approach meeting staffing needs through an original team-based approach rooted in maximizing productive output and minimizing turnover through an emphasis on teamwork and understanding employees as human beings. Once placed, our employees are hired first on a “trial” basis to assess how well they mesh with a client employer’s existing company culture. We additionally provide flexible payment options and courteous consideration to how an unsteady economy can suddenly shift approaches to staffing.

Above all, our staff makes a priority of utilizing every worker’s sharpest skills where they’re most needed. We nurture our employee pool with the values of respect, dignity, and dedicated service that we aim for them to bring forth into every workplace they enter. They receive diligent support, training, and even transportation assistance to guarantee their greatest possible opportunities for success.

Whatever your needs, we believe that our expertly trained selection of Brampton’s most adept, dedicated workers from S.E.A. Employment Services can make a long-term difference in any work place. We hope you’ll contact us today for an extensive, free-of-charge consultation.